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The school staff look out the window and realize they are being watched

The school staff look out the window and realize they are being watched

Recently students and teachers at school Trident Technical College From South Carolina, in the US, it was a surprise during an ordinary school day. They have received an unexpected visit.

At a certain moment in the day, some of the staff notices two large eyes through a glass door that leads to the outside area of ​​the school.

As they approached, they came across a little owl that was very frightened, but not enough to leave, it was as if the bird was calling for help. And when they noticed that the bird was alone and there was no other owl nearby, they came to the conclusion that the chick had fallen out of the nest.

They immediately decided to help. The employee was ready to pick up the owl and wrap it in his jacket.

After captivity, the bird was sent to Birds of Prey Centre To ensure that she does not have any fractures in her body and wings, ensuring that she can survive on her own.

Through a quick assessment, animal life specialists found that the owl was healthy and could return to its nest without further ado.

“He was brought back to campus to be reunited with his family. Volunteers kept a watch on him for the first week to make sure everything was OK,” a spokesperson for the Technical College explained in an interview with the site. dodo.

Despite the great fright, the owl found help in the right place. All the students, staff, and professors of the institution fell in love with the bird and kept vigil to ensure it stayed with its family and, of course, never left the nest again. To this day, the bird can be seen across campus.

Many people don’t know much about owls, other than the fact that they are nocturnal birds. This species has some interesting facts that are worth discussing. Owls are animals with a high hearing ability. They are able to reproduce absolutely unlimited sounds, they can whistle, scream, make high-pitched sounds, they can grunt, and the most curious thing: they can smile.

Owl ears are 50 times more sensitive than human ears, but their ears are rarely prominent or easy to see. The ears of these animals are different: while the left ear is tilted down to catch sounds coming from below, the right ears are directed only to catch sounds coming from above. That is why they can catch the finest squeaks.

For these and other characteristics, they are silent, intelligent, ambitious birds, and mysteriously associated with wisdom. Did you know this trivia? Tell us in the comments of the post.

Check out the video below:

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