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The scam promises to leave WhatsApp pink, but it steals your data

A new scam is being traded across The WhatsApp End users end up hurting inattentive users, Internet security researcher warns on Twitter. With the promise of making the Messenger look pink, the trap is already capturing data from the victims – and as expected,Personalization“ The junk has nothing to do with the company that runs the platform.

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, Complainant, explains that the malicious scheme recently started spreading in groups of app by message. Next to it is a link to a so-called SDK, which guarantees the ability to change the appearance of the gadget. However, it is a good idea not to be tempted to download and install it, as the procedure gives criminals the ability to see and collect information from the device. Engaged / engaged.

However, according to the expert, it is not known how far the threat has spread. In any case, it does indicate some action for those who are being deceived by negligence.

Contain the damage

Firstly, Rajaharia says, it is imperative to uninstall the malicious app from the device. If it’s hidden, you can find it in the Storage section, right in the middle of the smartphone’s configuration options. After that, unlink all devices in their WhatsApp settings, via the WhatsApp Web / Desktop menu.

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Finally, Rajshekhar recommends clearing your browser’s cache and checking permissions for all installed apps, all to prevent new apps from happening. Problems.

Be careful with promises of customization not enough.Source: Reproduction

call him Press Trust of IndiaThe company notes: “Anyone can receive an unusual or suspicious message on any service, including e-mail. When this happens, we recommend that everyone be careful before responding or sharing.

The company concludes, “On WhatsApp, in particular, we also advise people to use the resources we provide in the app to report or block contacts.”