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US and Italy discuss green investment in Ukraine and employment - international

The saturated port carries ships across the UK – internationally with the Christmas festivities

Many container ships loaded with Christmas goods were diverted to other European ports because they could not die in British ports due to epidemic and Brexit congestion.

“To ensure that goods are widely available in the UK on Black Friday and Christmas, we have begun to divert one-third of our large ships to Felixstow on a weekly basis,” an AFP spokesman announced on Tuesday. , The world’s largest container transport company.

The concentration of dying docks is linked to the lack of truck drivers in the country due to Brexit and epidemics, which cause severe distribution problems at supermarkets and gas stations. To look around the situation, some ships unload their cargo at European ports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp, and from there take small ships to Felixstow.

A spokesman for the group said port congestion was widespread in the world, but that this British port, through which 36% of UK shipping volume passes, was “one of three or four more affected ports”. The reason, according to him, is “empty containers are not removed at normal speeds due to the lack of truck drivers”.

Fears of a shortage of 100,000 drivers and widespread shortages at Christmas led the British government to revise its immigration policy and issue 10,500 temporary work visas.


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