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The Russian Senate passes a law to exclude opponents from the elections |  Scientist

The Russian Senate passes a law to exclude opponents from the elections | Scientist

Senate Russia On Wednesday (2) approved a law practically prohibiting allies Alexei Navalny, or the main opponent of Russian President Vladimir PutinCan compete in elections.

The bill prohibits leaders, supporters and members of extremist entities from participating in elections – and the courts are likely to sever Navalny’s organizations are extremist.

See the April 2021 report on the mass detention of Navalny supporters.

Police arrest more than 1,000 protesters in dozens of Russian cities

The law was approved by a majority of 146 senators, with one vote and one abstention. Only now the signature of President Vladimir Putin is required for the rule to go into effect.

Critics of the Russian government say the country’s authorities are intensifying their campaign against the opposition ahead of parliamentary elections in September.

The new law affects not only the leaders of organizations, but also activists and the tens of thousands of people who donate.

Leaders of regional organizations in Navalny will not be able to run in the parliamentary elections for five years.

Russian authorities have for years tolerated opposition groups, including Navalny’s political movement, but Kremlin critics say Now Moscow intends to eliminate any trace of the opposition.

Navalny, who survived serious poisoning with a nerve-toxic agent of Russian origin, has been serving a two-and-a-half year prison sentence since February for embezzlement.

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