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The role of science in building a more sustainable world

For a long time, the prevailing view of the people was that economic and environmental interests were in conflict. Science and research are increasingly showing that it is possible to link development to environmental conservation, as explained by economist Luis Carlos Ungarato.

“Economics, especially since the Industrial Revolution, has never thought about sustainability, because that was not a relevant topic 100 or 150 years ago. There was no idea, scientific progress to understand that we would have an environmental and social impact from that economic development without thinking about the impacts When we talk about sustainability, we are talking about creating a track that talks about basic sciences, languages, social sciences and engineering. From there, we are laying out new pillars for a new economy based on sustainability,” he explained.

Luis Carlos Ungarato also spoke about how the world is completing this more sustainable path, noting the technological solutions being created to overcome the challenge.

“When we talk about creating anything, we need science, because it will give us a diagnosis of how and where we are today and what is the reflection of our actions in the past. For example, when we talk today about global warming, we know that if it continues like this, in a few years it will be We have a complete melting of the polar ice caps,” he noted.

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