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The rabbi explains the reasons for believing in science and spirituality

The rabbi explains the reasons for believing in science and spirituality

Rabbi Maysam Katri is from São Paulo and has lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 35 years. (Photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

In the district staff, in the central and southern district of Belo Horizonte, the exposed concrete building does not make anyone suspect that there is a synagogue there.

Unless the observer can read the Hebrew to understand what is written on the facade of the building: Hashem Chad. This is the main prayer line of Judaism.

In its entirety, it is spelled as: “SHaShem Israel HaShem Elokeinu HaShem Echad(Listen, O Israel, Hashem is our master, and Hashem is one / only).

Who receives the report? Mining condition He is Rabbi Misim Catri, 60 years old, born in São Paulo and has lived in Belo Horizonte for the past 35 years. The main headquarters of the synagogue has a modern monitoring and security system.

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After the intercom rings and the street gate opens, the journalist experiences a temporary stagnation. There was a feeling of “monastery” before entering the building.

The building looks like a box, without a window, all of exposed concrete – even from the inside. On the one hand, a door with an exit to the street. On the other hand, a second door gives access to the inside of the building.

After recovering from the “torment” that lasted a few moments, the rabbi explained, “In this day and age, safety is very important,” Katrey said.

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knowing God

The Chabad Rappaport House Synagogue has been around since 1986 and the new headquarters was opened in Rua dos Temperas in 2016.

In addition to the religious part, where worship is celebrated, the building contains space for Judaism classes, a school with recreational activities for children, and a community assistance department.

Chabad House is a global institution created to strengthen Judaism and communities. In the free translation from Hebrew, it means the house of intelligence, logic and wisdom.

After the interpretation, the rabbi highlights the division between science and spirituality. For him, this division, repeated throughout human history, should not exist.

Katri considers it “possible” A person both religious and world. The rabbi says: “Knowledge is a tool by which we also reach God.”


To illustrate her conviction, Catheri cites a proverb from King Solomon: “You must know God in all your ways.”

Solomon was the third king of Israel, son of David and Bathsheba, who ruled Israel from about 971 to 931 B.C. He is remembered for his wisdom and for building the First Temple in Jerusalem.

Katrey believes that science must also be understood and experienced as “a means of knowing God.” “If he gives us knowledge, we must use it to know it,” says the rabbi.

But Catrey cautions against the unwary, and above all, of those he considers to be using science to “manipulate for marketing purposes.” “This also applies to religion,” he stressed.

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Faith in God

The rabbi ends the interview by summarizing what faith is. “It starts after thinking, when we can’t explain things, faith begins,” he says.

I swear? He says, “The God I understand everything he does is not worth believing in him. Because God, by definition, cannot be confused with human reason.”

In order to understand herself, Katri raises her kippah, a Jewish tradition to cover the top of her head. With one hand in the air, the rabbi explains, the clothes are a symbol of remembering that “outside the mind of man, there is a greater power: God!”