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The PS5 sold twice the Xbox Series X / S in the first quarter

The PS5 sold twice the Xbox Series X / S in the first quarter

There is no doubt that the launch of the new generation devices has been a huge success with fans of Sony and Microsoft, but it seems that PlayStation 5 It is even more controversial in these first months of 2021. According to the WHO report Ampere analysis, The PS5 sold 2.83 million units in the first quarter, instead Xbox X / S It sold 1.31 million in the same period.

However, one Ampere analyst noted that it is difficult to get a real sense of the success of these units when we consider that the two are not available in different regions of the world. After all, both Sony and Microsoft have reported difficulties producing enough units to meet demand since the two devices were launched.

Another interesting fact is that last month Sony reported that it sent 3.3 million units to stores in this first quarter. This means that thousands of units have not made it into the hands of end consumers, even though it is almost impossible to purchase a PS5 today.

Generally speaking, sales are not bad for any companySource: Analyze Ampere / Clone

Perhaps the biggest reason for this is BrokersThey are the individuals who buy high-demand products to drain their inventory and have an opportunity to sell their units at ridiculously high prices. Needless to say, this has already become a popular thing with Sony’s console, which can be found more expensive at auction sites here in Brazil.

Another company cited Difficulties meeting demand Of the audience were Nintendo, which saw sales Converts A steady increase since the launch of the hybrid console. This only intensified during the pandemic, which has also hindered unit production and transportation to stores around the world.

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However, it was the company that we ordered earlier saudoso Satoru Iwata It sold at least 5.86 million units in the first quarter of 2021. Apparently, the micro-console was unaffected by the arrival of the giants Sony and Microsoft.

Apparently, these problems will continue to keep the stock stable until 2022 for Sony, according to the company itself. Microsoft recently announced that its position should be resolved in the second quarter of this year, which appears to be materializing at least in Brazil, where it is much easier to find an Xbox Series X or S series In the shops.

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