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The United States points to a group linked to North Korea over the Axis Infinity hack

The Proud Boys leader has been accused of plotting treason in the United States

Enrique Tario, the former leader of the right-wing group Broad Boys, and four of his key members face new federal charges of treason plotting in connection with the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Monday, January 6, 2021, according to a report. Court document.

Federal prosecutors investigating the attack have filed new charges against Tario, Dominic Bezola, Ethan Nordian, Joe Pix and Zachary Rehl. All five defendants pleaded not guilty to other criminal charges related to the attack.

Under the new indictment, all five conspired to prevent Democrat Joe Biden from awarding congressional credentials for his 2020 presidential victory over Republican Donald Trump. Trump has made false claims that he was defeated by widespread electoral fraud.

Prosecutors say Tario played a key role in his absence from Washington that day and has already been arrested on other charges.

Three members of another right-wing group, the Oath Keepers, have already pleaded guilty to treason charges. Several members of the group, including chairman Stewart Rhodes, have pleaded not guilty and are expected to face trial later this year.

About 800 people have been charged with involvement in the Capitol riots, and there have been about 250 criminal reports so far.

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