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The program awards a scholarship of 200 thousand Brazilian riyals annually

The program awards a scholarship of 200 thousand Brazilian riyals annually

The Canadian government awards R$200,000 annually to fellows who are selected by universities in the country. There are 166 scholarships in the Vanier Graduate Scholarships Programme, which are aimed at doctoral studies in the fields of social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health fields. Interested parties can be from anywhere in the world.

How do I register? Applicants cannot apply directly to the programme. To apply for one of the scholarships, those interested must first pass the selection process of the institution they wish to study at. Once approved, the Canadian university will nominate the student to apply for the Vanier Scholarship. Each university has the maximum number of nominations that can be submitted to compete for one of the scholarships for the programme.

What universities participate in the program? On site Canada Universities You can find a list of organizations that participate in Vanier. During research, the program directs candidates to conduct a “comprehensive” search for the program they wish to attend, as well as proposed research advisors. After this first step, interested parties should review the Vanier CGS Share page (Available here) to ensure that the university in question has a quota for the year.

How is the selection made? The program website recommends that candidates read Selection Committee Guide before registration. The document outlines the three criteria for evaluating beneficiaries, as well as providing information on each criterion. It is also necessary to check the About page Justice, Diversity and Inclusion To prepare the application.

*Text “Fanir It offers scholarships of R$200,000 annually for PhD studies in CanadaOriginally posted on the Estudar Fora portal, from Fundação Estudar.

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