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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has said he is "deeply concerned" about journalist Tom Phillips

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has said he is “deeply concerned” about journalist Tom Phillips


Southern News Room

| June 15, 2022

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he was “deeply concerned” about what might have happened to British journalist Tom Phillips, who went missing on the Amazon.

This is the first time the Prime Minister has spoken about the disappearance of Phillips and Brazilian tribesmen. Bruno Araujo Pereira In the Zawari Valley. The first two have been missing since the last 5th.

“I am deeply concerned about what might have happened to him. [Dom Phillips]. The State Department is working closely with Brazilian officials, “said Johnson, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“What we have told the Brazilian authorities is that we are ready to give them all the support they need,” Johnson said.

On Tuesday (14), the Brazilian embassy in the United Kingdom sent a formal apology to the family of Dom Phillips for providing false information. The previous day, an embassy official had falsely reported that two bodies had been found in the search area by Phillips and Pereira.

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