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The previous player's letter has not been edited

The previous player’s letter has not been edited

Previous player for volleyball Commentator Rádio Jovem Pan Ana Paula Henkel wants Globo to post on its social networks and platforms, affirming the right to respond to a text published on GE on March 13, in response to a post critical of commentator Walter Casagrande. The broadcaster will have to explain to the court, within 24 hours, why they did not make this disclosure.

The problem is part of a group of legal squabbles in which Anna Paula and Casagrande participated, as well as the presenter and commentator Neto, Revealed by the column last week. The report had access to the lawsuit, in which Anna Paula requested compensation of 10,000 Rials R $ and the same space and disclosure of Casagrande’s opinion –Understanding the disagreement between former athletes.

In the request, the attorney for the 1996 Atlanta Medalist said the broadcaster needed to explain the reasons why the matter had not been adequately disclosed. The column found that Anna Paula’s text has not been recalled on social networks like Twitter and The social networking site Facebook There was no cover on the website’s homepage the day it aired.

This bothered Anna Paula. Its representatives want a new version or update of the published text, but just as importantly as Casagrande’s script. Globo uses the argument that the right of reply requested by Anna Paula Henkel has already been published and that he has done its job.

Officially, the broadcaster has 24 hours to explain the non-disclosure and three days to file his appeal.

The band is also a goal

Because of the same story, Anna Paula Henkel sued Reddy Bandeirants. You want to read the right to respond to announcer Neto’s “Os Donos da Bola” and post it on YouTube and the attraction site, as well as another compensation of R $ 10,000. Neto echoed what Casagrande had said and publicly endorsed Globo’s commentator.

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Seeking to speak on this topic, Globo confirmed, “We do not comment on judges’ cases, however, in March, ge.globo posted a message from Anna Paula Henkel on this topic.” The column searched for Anna Paula Henkel, but she did not respond to calls.