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The Pope on mental health care: a mission that unites science and solidarity care

The Pope on mental health care: a mission that unites science and solidarity care

From Friday (25), Italy is promoting the second National Conference on Mental Health, and the Pope sent a message of encouragement in light of the challenges the country is facing in terms of assistance to the more than 3 million adults in need of care in the country. Area. The Pope urges strengthening the health system in the sector, including by supporting scientific research, but it is linked to the sensitivity of the “culture of society” to know how to “close and take care of the other”.

Andressa Collette – Vatican News

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On Friday morning (25th) a message of encouragement was sent from the Pope to the participants in 2nd National Conference on Mental Health This, for two days, In default mode, will discuss the challenges and problems faced by people with mental disorders in Italy. Even when dealing with a post-pandemic context that fosters an interest in providing suitable conditions for treatment, making “community culture prevail over the disposal mentality”.

Italy’s challenges in patient care

The second edition of the symposium comes twenty years after its first decade and marks the conclusion of the path of deepening within the technical groups of the Ministry of Health. Italy, according to Nerina Derenden, a government specialist in the field of mental health, says that the country, although considered by the World Health Organization “as a point of reference To abolish institutions, close sanatoriums and activate a network of regional services,” people with mental disorders “continue to receive inadequate responses.” According to the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), more than 3 million adults need care in this area.

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Reality confirms that “it is of the utmost importance to acquire more and more knowledge of the professional and human requirements necessary for the care of our brothers and sisters”, as the Pope said in his letter, in order to meet the “conditions of these”. Those who suffer from psychological disorders, and provide them with appropriate treatment “for their own good and the interest of society.

The mission that unites science and solidarity care

Therefore, Francisco urges strengthening the health system for the prevention of mental illness, including support for scientific research, as well as the strengthening of associations and volunteers who care for patients and families. In this way the “warmth and affection of society” will not diminish, says the pontiff, adding:

“Medical professionalism itself benefits from the comprehensive care of the individual. Caring for the other, in fact, is not just a qualified job, but a real task that is fully realized when scientific knowledge corresponds to the perfection of humanity and is translated into the tenderness that knows how to treat and care for others.”

The Pope also wants the conference to inspire institutions, educational bodies and other areas of society, with a “renewed sensitivity” to those with mental health problems and “fragility”. It’s also a matter of help.”The culture of society prevails on the mentality of disposalFrancisco confirms.

At the end of the letter, the pontiff also recalls how these patients, “with the sensitivity that accompanies their vulnerability, felt especially dangerous by the devastating psychological effects of the epidemic.” In addition to the health professionals themselves who have faced enormous challenges, it shows everyone “the need for appropriate healthcare formulas so that we leave no one behind and take care of everyone in a holistic and participatory way”. Finally, the Pope’s last wish is for the conference participants to continue “on the fruitful path of concern for solidarity”.

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