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The polar bear goes to the village to ask for help after attaching its tongue to the enclosure;  video

The polar bear goes to the village to ask for help after attaching its tongue to the enclosure; video

The polar bear stuck his tongue in an empty can of condensed milk and, unable to free it, went looking for help in an arctic village.

However, residents of the small town of Dixon, northern Russia, were unable to help him, which required a veterinary medical team to go to the scene.

Pictures circulating online show the great white bear approaching a resident who was sitting on his balcony. The man tries to get the thing out of the animal’s mouth, but his attempts are in vain, the box does not move.

“The bear was so exhausted from the enclosure that he came to us and stuck out his tongue,” said one of the locals.

It is believed that the bear was rummaging through a garbage dump for food and then stuck its tongue in the can. The alternative he found was to approach the village to ask for help. But the canister got stuck in such a way that no one in the area was able to remove it.

“But it was impossible to help without the bear being shocked, so people gave up.”

to me womanExperts said that the polar bear never gets close to people, but because of his desperation and also because he is hungry, this bear asked for human help.

Now a medical team is fighting bad weather to arrive in time to save this animal, as it is weakened by its inability to eat or drink. “The plan is to anesthetize the bear, release it and drive it away from the settlement,” said Svetlana Akulova, director general of the Moscow Zoo.

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The team prepared 50 kg of fish to feed him once he was released. But in order for them to remove the object from its mouth, they would have to immobilize it, and according to the director, “our agency has issued a permit to allow this.”

“We will do everything in our power to save the bear,” he concluded.

a look:

Dear, may the medical team be able to help you!

Fun fact: Dixon has a population of only 676 people and is one of the northernmost settlements in the world, named after Swedish explorer Baron Oskar Dixon.

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