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The player was asked to leave Botafogo in 2014 "for not agreeing to make a thin body," says the former manager, who tells the dramatic story of the quartet's dismissal.

The player was asked to leave Botafogo in 2014 “for not agreeing to make a thin body,” says the former manager, who tells the dramatic story of the quartet’s dismissal.

Former Director of BotafogoAnd the Andre Silva He recounted the details of the mysterious year 2014, which saw the club’s relegation to the second division and the dismissal of the quartet. EdelsonAnd the BolivarAnd the Julio Cesar And the Emerson Sheikh by the then president Mauricio Assembassao. The former vice president of football revealed that an unnamed player asked to leave because he did not agree to leniency.

In addition, he explained the behind-the-scenes dismissal of the Quartet.

Unfortunately, everything has been abandoned. For everyone. The club was not rational. There he (Mauricio Assembassao) had to do (the cut). I told him that he should report to the media what the men had done. He was left alone as a villain. He cut the best of the team, but there was a reason. For me, he was guilty of not getting (Wagner) Mancini out. There is a player that I like very much, I will not mention his name, he trusted me a lot, I brought him to Botafogo, he called me and said he would ask to leave, because the men were asking him to be nice. I don’t know who he was asking, he didn’t tell me. But he asked to leave, either because he played correctly or because he preferred to leave. He left and the crowd criticized him but left for not participating in it. The guys began to disrespect the entire club institution. “Oh, you don’t pay me, I’ll drive to the locker room. They opened the corridor doors and were gone.” They drove by car to the annexed camp. The wardrobe arrived with the materials, they said “if they don’t pay me, I’ll take the materials”. How will you deal with players like these? There were people who went with them because they were so connected, but they weren’t in that group. I’ve only spoken to one of these guys to this day, and I know I haven’t. Mauricio was wrong not to bring this up, he should have – commented Andre Silva, on the “Glorioso Connection” podcast.

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Even without obtaining a position in the club, Andre Silva made himself available and tried to contribute to the final stage.

– I tried to help, I looked for special people in Botafogo to help update their salaries, we dined at the Jockey, The city of Botafogo is fortunate to have such wonderful people from Botafogo, really wonderful. I have seen two amazing people in Botafogo donating 1,000,000 Rls each to Botafogo on a non-refundable basis. I called to ask for money, and his wife said “Andre, we love you, but he won’t give another 1 BRL for Botafogo”. Today I feel ashamed. When you’re in the midst of a whirlwind, stay at it – he remembers.

– There is a game, Botafogo x Fluminense, in Brasilia, I took care of the box office and the locker room on my own, I no longer cum, and it was nothing. That day, a sick deputy from Botafogo took me a milk jam from Minas Gerais, and gave it to me in a small cardboard bag. When I entered the locker room, one of those started screaming, the animal man arrived, look at the animal in the bag. The man hardly knows me. It’s crazy, I leave with the box office money, go to the hotel, line up with the guys and pay the guys. Look how outdated. Then the money ran out, two players lost. I give the check to them, Tank Ferreira and Bolivar. complete hobby – He completed.

The former coach thinks the biggest mistake is not firing the coach Wagner Mancini.

– I see a situation, because after that, the player has to believe in the coach, it’s a completely different profession. We may not believe our superiors, we get the job done and it will flow. In the case of the player does not. You have to believe in the coach, in the project, in the game plan, in tactics. I tried it, because the coach made the group believe in him, after a while it is difficult to maintain. This is where the income drops dramatically. In the case there, I saw the number shouting at a player in front of everyone, calling out the worst names you could think of. There I saw that I was already completely lost. Any coach who has the group will face competition, because when a player likes the coach, he competes with it, but when he doesn’t care, he lets it go. Worst of all, next Wednesday knock the guy out of 10. Do you think this guy is going to bump into him? There was a problem, Mauricio (Asumpcao) (Wilson) Gottardo wanted to send Mancini away. Gottardo was between a hammer and an anvil, because Mancini agreed not to receive it. But it was of no use, they even fought in the end. And it so happened – the seal.

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