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The ‘pink Easter moon’ can be seen Thursday in Brazil |  Sciences

The ‘pink Easter moon’ can be seen Thursday in Brazil | Sciences

A NASA comparison shows the difference between a “normal” moon and a “super moon,” right. – Image: Clone / NASA

The full moon called “Supermoon Pink” will be visible across Brazil on Thursday (6), according to the US space agency NASA.

At this point, the moon will appear larger and brighter than usual during the three nights and will be in full phase, as it will be near full strength. rock bottomAnd closest point to earth during its orbit. In Brazil, this will happen precisely at 4:35 am.

The name “Supermoon Pink” was given to the natives of the United States because the flower blooms at this time of year, when it is spring in the northern hemisphere. Despite its name, the moon will not change color.

In the Christian calendar, this is the Easter moon, by which the date of Easter is calculated. According to tradition, Christian Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon in spring.

The term “supermoon” appeared in 1979 and is not an astronomical concept in and of itself. It is used outside of academia to refer to the union of the perihelion (the point closest to Earth during its orbit) and the Moon. It is not a rare case, but it is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to start observing the sky.

– Image: Arte g1 / Wagner Magalhães

Important details:

  • The Moon’s orbit forms around the Earth Elliptical: an elliptical shape that, due to its irregularity, brings the satellite closer and further away from our planet;
  • The point furthest from this ellipse is called climax. This is when the micromoon occurs;
  • The closest point is rock bottom;
  • When the moon is full and at its perigee (a supermoon), it can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than Earth than it does at aphelion, according to NASA.
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