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The physicist in São Carlos was honored and became the most awarded in the country - daily newspaper

The physicist in São Carlos was honored and became the most awarded in the country – daily newspaper

Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato coordinates the collection that develops lights that heal (Photo: ACidade ON São Carlos)

Vanderlei Bagnato, professor, researcher and current director of the University of the South Pacific’s São Carlos Institute of Physics, won the CBMM Prize for Science and Technology, in the “Science” category, thus becoming “the most awarded Brazilian scientist,” he told the university’s press office.

With a value of R$500,000, this award, established in 2019 by the Brazilian Mining and Mining Corporation (CBMM) in the “Science” and “Technology” categories, is consolidated as the largest scientific award in Brazil, highlighting scientists who dedicate their lives in Science and technology, which benefits society and helps develop the world, is especially dedicated to researchers who have put our country in the spotlight on the global scientific arena.

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The highlight of this award in the Science category says: “Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato: The Physicist Who Used Light to Control Atoms and Save Lives. If a Beam of Light Can Change the Future of Humanity? The question has motivated the work of Vanderlei Bagnato, which was conducted over Three decades of research in the fields of optics and photonics has made a significant contribution to the applications of photodynamics and photodynamic therapy in the fields of health.”

Through his studies, the physicist demonstrated the efficacy of light movement to control inflammation, cleanse organs for transplantation and treat diseases such as pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease and various types of cancer. These technologies have been adopted by important Brazilian health-related associations and have spread to more than 9 countries in Latin America.

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Prior to his contributions to medicine, Bagnato had already gained international fame for his research in atomic physics, being one of the pioneers in studies of cold atoms and quantum disorder and the creator of the first atomic clock in Brazil.”

In the “Technology” category, the winner was Dr. Julio Cesar Fernandez, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Unicamp and CEO of “Idea! Electronic Systems”.