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The photo shows the planes at the US airport, not the official jets on COP26

The photo shows the planes at the US airport, not the official jets on COP26

By Marco Fastino

November 11, 2021, 5:54 p.m.

Posts on social media are deceptive when sharing a photo showing dozens of planes at the airport, like jets used by officials to fly to COP26 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change) in Scotland.Check it out here) However, the film depicts the concentration of flights at Lakefront Airport in New Orleans (USA) due to the 2013 Super Bowl.

This Thursday (11) posts with the wrong attribute on Facebook piled up hundreds of shares.

Photographs of dozens of planes at an airport have been shared on social media, depicting planes used by world leaders to fly to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31 to November 12 this year. In fact, the picture shows Management Jet Stream 2013 at Lakefront Airport in New Orleans (USA).

Through the reverse image search, the For the facts The recording was verified by photographer David Spielman, and the concentration of the aircraft was determined by the performance of the aircraft. Super Bowl, Football League Final, that year.

Plane. The photo, shared with pieces of misinformation, was taken in 2013 by David Spielmann at Lakefront Airport in New Orleans.

Oh For the facts Also located at a Video (See below), released on YouTube on March 10, 2013, showing an airport full of commercial planes, lined up like a photo. It is estimated that about 700 aircraft flew to New Orleans as a result of the 47th edition, which is considered the largest sporting event in the United States.

World leaders at COP26 have been criticized by environmentalists for using private or charter aircraft to emit large amounts of carbon dioxide to attend the conference. According to the British newspaper The Times, Expected the arrival of about 400 planes from the authorities as a result of the Glasgow incident. The BBC And the press Forbes Developed a low rating of up to 200 aircraft.

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This misinformation was also verified AFP We check e True or false.


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