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The owner of Itapemirim has been accused of fraud by selling the company's cryptocurrency

The owner of Itapemirim has been accused of fraud by selling the company’s cryptocurrency

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  • Sydney Piva, entrepreneur and owner of Itapemirim, is accused of failing to return nearly R$400,000 worth of cryptocurrency created by the company;

  • There were 30 million pieces on sale for $1 each, with a promise of a 600% increase in six months;

  • Beva considers himself the victim of a scam, and not the author, although the company’s YouTube channel reports that the entrepreneur owns 85% of the crypto project.

The Itapemirim group name isn’t going away anytime soon. Since Friday (17), the company has been in the eye of the hurricane after announcing that it would “temporarily” suspend all operations. The effect has been harsh so far.

However, now another controversy about agglomeration is emerging. Sydney Piva de Jesus, businessman and owner of the company, is accused by several investors, along with some companies, of failing to return nearly 400,000 Rls that were invested in CrypTour, a cryptocurrency created by the carrier in July of this year.

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Another complaint from investors is about the difficulty of accessing the Extrading platform, which has been taken off the air, making it impossible to recover funds and making information difficult to access.

The 30 million tokens for sale were worth $1 each, and the deal promised 600% for every dollar invested in the token in the first six months, up to 3,600% in one year.

Piva denies that the company is owned by Itapemirim. However, the documents indicate that the CrypTour project originated from Itapemirim Airlines’ internal technology innovation initiative.

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Since September, investors have complained that it is difficult to consult balances or to recover amounts invested in the cryptocurrency.

On social networks, a group was formed to contribute to communication between those affected by the scheme.

Beva considers himself the victim of the scam, not the perpetrator. However, videos on the CrypTour channel indicate that 85% of the project is owned by the owner of the Itapemirim group.

Information from Jornal MetrĂ³poles and the Congresso em Foco website.