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The Oscars have the worst television audience in concert history - entertainment

The Oscars have the worst television audience in concert history – entertainment

Oscars audience this year It decreased by more than halfABC Television reported Monday (26).

The massive drop of 58.3% from 23.6 million, a historic low reached last year, was widely anticipated for the biggest night in the Hollywood film industry. Other awards presented during the pandemic also suffered heavy losses in the public.

With cinemas closed for most of the year, and many films competing with high expectations of success, starring famous actors, postponed, a lesser known group of nominees at the ceremony held on Sunday (25), where Bedouin, By Chloe Chow, was the biggest winner.

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The viewership demise also comes from the general trend of multi-year Oscar victims which surpassed 43 million viewers in 2014.

Among those who did not attend the ceremony was Anthony Hopkins, who surprised him with his victory as his best actor. My father, An award that was expected to go to the late Chadwick Bosman. The category was the final prize for tonight.

The Academy Award usually ends with Best Picture, with many viewers indicating that the lack of an acceptance speech at the grand closing ceremony was another factor of the regression.

“At the age of 83, I wasn’t expecting to receive this award, I wasn’t really expecting it,” Hopkins said in a video posted on his Instagram page early Monday.

This year’s unconventional Oscars were moved to a glamorous train station in Los Angeles in compliance with strict protocol imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing Hollywood stars together for the first time in over a year.

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