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The official portal of the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes

The official portal of the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes

Recovery learning strategies. This was the topic of discussion at the meeting of the Municipal Council for Education (CME), this Tuesday morning (09), at the entity headquarters. The meeting was attended by Chairman and Secretary of Education, Science and Technology, Marcelo Ferris, along with Vice President and Educational Director, Tania Alberto.

During the meeting, Marcelo Ferris stressed that in the past two years students have faced the process of teaching and learning hampered by the pandemic, which has prevented face-to-face teaching, and suggested that in this year and next, a greater effort should be made. By schools in the recovery of students and not when they fail.

“We cannot punish the student for the epidemic, what we have to do now is seek recovery. I also suggest that we assign these students, along with the teachers, so that we can identify those who have family support in terms of school monitoring and those who do not have family support. In this way, we will have another sign to know which way we are going to help them regain their learning.Marcelo Ferris said, “Failure does not help the student, on the contrary, it can make him drop out of school.”

The minister also mentioned that before the pandemic, the school dropout rate was as high as 1,800 students annually. He emphasized that learning is a very complex process that requires a lot of care and effort. “We have to see what the municipality can do so that this student can stay in the class and learn the content within the given schedule. For this, we have to join forces so that he feels happy, happy and satisfied at school,” Marcelo noted.

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Rosana Junka, a member of the council, explained that the reality of private schools is not different from public schools in terms of learning difficulties. “What I’m hearing here today is very interesting because it shows paths we haven’t thought of yet. The fight to get student approval is undoubtedly very relevant in the post-pandemic era. The student recovery proposal will continue to be analyzed and subsequently voted on by the board,” Rosanna said. Municipal Education.

Associated with the Municipal Department of Education, Science and Technology (Seduct), the council plays the role of arbiter and mediator in educational demands with municipal administrators, and helps to ensure everyone’s right to education, in the early childhood education department of a private network. The organization performs normative, advisory, mobilizing, deliberative, propositional, evaluative, advisory and inspection functions.

The primary purpose is to promote the development of education in the municipality, within its competence, and to strengthen the municipal education system, working closely with the Municipal Education Department of Campos dos Goytacazes.

The members of the Board of Education, as collegiate bodies with a pluralistic composition and broad social representation, in the exercise of their functions, occupy an essential position in the effectiveness of the democratic management of educational systems, as well as in the consolidation of the autonomy of the states. , for the Federal District and the Municipalities to administer their educational policies.