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The number of passengers who traveled across the country grows by 7.8% in April – VoeNews – Notícias do Turismo

The number of passengers who traveled across the country grows by 7.8% in April – VoeNews – Notícias do Turismo

The sector registered the movement of more than 7 million people through the country’s airports

Credit: Roberto Castro/MTur

More than 7 million passengers traveled through Brazil in April. This figure represents a growth of about 7.8% compared to the same period last year. The data was recently disclosed by the National Agency for Civil Aviation (ANAC) and represents the third best result for the last eight-year period. In this year’s accumulated result, the aviation sector has already carried around 30 million passengers to various destinations in the country.

For the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Carneiro, the figures confirm the resumption of travel by Brazilians and the continuation of an integrated work by the federal government. “We are witnessing the increasing resurgence of domestic travel in our country, boosting the entire tourism sector, and generating more employment and income opportunities for our residents. We will continue to work to democratize Brazilians’ access to air travel and turn this number into an ever greater number,” he said.

Guarulhos (SP), Congonhas (SP) and Brasília (DF) remain the airports with the highest passenger traffic in Brazil, totaling around 35% of the total traffic recorded in the period. Soon after, the stations Recife (PE), Campinas (SP) and Fortaleza (CE) appeared, which concentrated just over 17% of the number of people.

CONSUMIDOR TURISTA – Passengers traveling by air have access to three editions of the “Consumidor Turista” publication, issued by the Ministries of Tourism (MTur) and of Justice and Public Security (MJSP). In clear and objective language, the guides intend to inform consumers of their rights and duties in preparing excursions and contracting services.

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Among the information is checking in, in person or online, and presenting your boarding pass, online or in print, to board. Another piece of advice the doc gives is the importance of paying attention to punctuality. Even if a passenger arrives and finds the plane still parked, if boarding is already closed, they will miss the flight.

By Victor Maciel

Ministry of Tourism liaison office