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The next InXile game hit all the Xbox studios

The next InXile game hit all the Xbox studios

Some time ago, the studio behind the excellent Wasteland 3 confirmed inXile that it was working on a file FPS RPG with AAA ambitions In the Unreal Engine 5. If we don’t know anything about this popular Cobalt project, Matt Booty, president of Xbox Game Studios, mentioned the game during an interview with Skill Up.

Of course, the studio is not the most famous of those owned by Xbox, and yet it has many qualities. Wasteland 3 has proven it lately, whether that’s with its writing, sense of humor, or even deep gameplay.

Developers can also showcase their talents in front of all the other Xbox studios during the meeting. Where everyone submitted their projects. Matt Botty explains that during an inXile demo, “Everyone liked it”.

What did they do It’s absolutely amazing. If there is a measure for a studio of the legitimacy of something created versus the number of people working on it, that studio He should win some kind of prize.

The man who heads Xbox Game Studios doesn’t want to talk more about the project, he thinks it’s up to the teams at inXile to communicate about the title once they’re ready to lift the veil on the many anticipated RPGs.

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