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The new WhatsApp feature seeks to avoid discussions between users

The new WhatsApp feature seeks to avoid discussions between users

Currently, millions of Brazilians use WhatsApp to communicate. This tool has become popular due to the ability to send instant messages.

Therefore, through its various updates, many features have been implemented in the quest to improve the experience of its users. One of the features they added recently was to catch the attention of netizens and tech geeks.

In this sense, the resource aims to avoid discussions between users in individual or group chats.

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Conversations take place on a daily basis and content is shared via WhatsApp. However, this content is often spam, causing uncomfortable discussions that are difficult to manage because of the message it carries when forwarding.

With that in mind, Meta, the company that owns the app, has developed a solution that can actually be used. Want to know what it is? Keep reading because we’ll tell you everything!

New feature in WhatsApp

For years, WhatsApp has become an almost universal place for forwarding files and links.

We know that the forwarding function has been around on the platform for years, however, it has been deprecated for a while and has become outdated compared to other platforms.

In light of this, the latest version of WhatsApp Beta was born, which made it possible to place descriptions on links or files that are forwarded on WhatsApp, so that the person who receives them is clear about what they are sending. Thus avoiding misunderstanding.

You can also add a title to any uploaded photo, video, GIF, and file in the app.

How does the description of forwarded files work?

The moment you forward something, the app will open a chat window with the recipient, allowing you to add text of your choice or delete the default text attached with the file when you receive it.

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In this sense, it should be noted that if you remove the standard title and description of the content, and overlay it with new text, be careful not to send the two pieces of information separately. First, the file you uploaded without a title or description, and after that the text you added.