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The new PIX functionality is expected to be launched this week;  a look

The new PIX functionality is expected to be launched this week; a look

a Pix group The central bank will launch it soon. The new functionality for Pecs It will allow companies or small business owners to collect payments due on future dates.

The launch of the new issue was expected in January of this year, but due to technical problems, the central bank decided to announce the postponement.

Fee is charged when creating a QR code in the Pix system. Hence, the transactions will be made at a future date, like a boleto.

Release date

According to information from the central bank, the Pix Collection should start operating on Day 14. The purpose of this new fermentation is to reduce the issuance of bank coupons, just as Pix did with DOC and TED.

Since it is based on the QR Code system, Pix Cobrança can be used by many tenants, in physical or virtual organizations. However, the terms of use of the tool state that participants will be able to validate QR codes until April 30th.

PIX with offline payment

According to the central bank, Pix will allow payment through payer’s QR code. Modernity allows payment to be offline, that is, without Wi-Fi or mobile data.

The operation is simple and practical. After making the payment, locally, the information and the supplier will be forwarded to the local organization.

How to join Pix?

It is an instant payment tool similar to TED and DOC. It allows individuals and companies to make and receive payments through the application of the chosen institution.

Pix is ​​used with access / identification key. This key can be your CPF, CNPJ, phone number, email, or spam code generated by the organization in which you own an account.

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How are the payments of the new system paid?

In practice, when selecting the payment option on the bank’s platform, Pix will appear next to TEC and DOC. After that, select the respective instrument and enter the key reported by the payment recipient. Finally, enter the password and you are done.

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