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The new Jeep Renegade gets the Compass Drive; see publications

the Jeep Renegade It is an absolute success in Brazil. But there’s still one criticism since it debuted in 2015: the performance of the flex versions.

Fortunately, the days of idleness are coming to an end. The manufacturer will replace the 1.8 up to 139 hp flex engine with ethanol in the recently launched 1.3 turbocharged engine of the T270 family, which delivers excellent 185 hp on tanker cane-derivative fuel.

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This will be the biggest news SUV cars Compact, which will arrive at dealers until February 2022. But, since there are still a few weeks left until then, Jeep has decided to hide the game. That’s why the first contact of UOL . cars With the model the way you see (or rather not see) in the photo gallery.

what’s up?

Jeep says the T270-branded package delivers 185 horsepower when fueled with ethanol and 180 horsepower if fueled with gasoline, both at 5750 rpm. The maximum torque is 27.5 kg/m regardless of the fuel chosen, starting at 1750 rpm.

The manufacturer reports acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.7 seconds with ethanol and 9.9 seconds if the fuel is gasoline. Top speed is 202 km/h with ethanol and 200 km/h with gasoline. Consumption figures have not been released.

The 1.3 will be the only engine available on the SUV, discontinuing the 1.8 e.torQ and 2.0 turbodiesel with 170 hp. In the case of this second, Jeep claims the group accounts for less than 10% of the range’s sales mix.

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The diesel models’ only legacy is the 9-speed automatic transmission, which is offered in versions with a 4×4 engine. The 4×2 all-wheel drive configurations use a 6-speed automatic transmission already equipped with Renegade flex.

Our first contact with the model was made aboard the Renegade Trailhawk in Circuito dos Cristas, located in Curvelo (MG). But most of the course was done on an off-road track that had been hit by torrential rain the previous days.

There was also a very short opportunity to rate the performance of the T270 engine on asphalt and dirt. The group was very pleased with the nimble responses, particularly on the revs—the Achilles heel of the old 1.8 engine. However, more detailed impressions of the engine’s behavior will remain on a future occasion.

What’s new in the design

The front will have very secret changes to the design of the bumper

Image: disclosure

Camouflage skillfully hid the changes made to the design of the car. However, a more comprehensive analysis indicates where the changes are.

At the front, the headlights maintain the round shape that recalls Jeep classics. They change reflectors, which provide full LED lighting in more expensive versions—like the Trailhawk we evaluated. It’s the only one that painted the hooks red for towing, front and back.

The fenders should bring minor changes, especially in the rear. The front piece seemed to have gained a bit more size, but then again, the disguise made it difficult to deduce even from a few millimeters away. More noticeable is the design of the front grille, which preserves the seven vertical air intakes, but it seems more pronounced – as it does on the Commander.

Jeep Renegade 3 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Flashlights bring new horizontal lenses

Image: disclosure

Pocket designers also didn’t mess with the shape of the light bulbs. However, the lenses will have an updated design with more horizontal elements instead of the “X” denoting the fuel tanks attached to old military jeeps. The trunk lid appears to be the same as before.

In measurements, the new Renegade is 3 cm longer than its predecessor. The length, width and wheelbase have not been changed.

Unfortunately, production Jeep has not released any kind of cabin image. The concern was so great that they put a cloth cover on top of the dashboard and kindly asked not to point the cameras inside the Renegade.

However, we were able to reveal some details of the SUV. The digital instrument panel borrowed from Compass is one of the new features. Another new coming from the older cousin is the three-spoke steering wheel with a more discreet design. The media center remains in the same location (ie in the center console) and no changes have been made to the air conditioning controls or the design of the air conditioning vents.

Valentia is not off-road

The smallest jeep showed enough resourcefulness to overcome difficult obstacles, such as an egg crate (an exercise in which the car passes through several holes arranged sequentially to force the body to twist) and a very deep mud pit.

In addition to features such as downhill cruise control, each of the four off-road driving modes has been tried while riding.

The more aggressive settings are Snow/Mud and Rock, which adopts more permissive parameters to control stability in the first mode and disable the system in the second. The differential lock also works more intensely in the most drastic mods to overcome rocks and the toughest of obstacles.

The 4×2 all-wheel drive versions, on the other hand, bring TC+, short for Traction Control Plus. The feature is already used in other models of the Stellatis range, such as Fiat Strada e toro io Jeep Compass. In short, it is triggered when one of the wheels loses traction, disrupting conventional traction control and intensifying the performance of the differential lock. With all this, the system is able to distribute the torque to the wheel that is in a critical condition and the car is able to overcome the obstacle.

More security

Jeep executives have not revealed many details about the content of each copy. However, Alexandre Aquino, who is in charge of Brand Jeep in Brazil, has expected the Renegade to be sold “with at least 6 airbags” since the entry was formed.

UOL . cars It could claim that more expensive versions of the Renegade (Limited and Trailhawk in the current designation) will optionally be sold with a driving assistance package known as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, something like “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” in English.

This package provides items such as adaptive autopilot (which accelerates or brakes the vehicle according to a preset distance and speed), lane-keeping assist with lane correction, forward collision warning, and autonomous emergency braking.

And what about prices?

If Jeep doesn’t want to reveal much information about the new Renegade, pricing has apparently not been revealed either.

Given that the current model starts at around R$100,000, it would not be surprising to expect an increase in the rates charged. It seems likely that there will be roughly R105,000 to R$110,000 in the entry-level version, rising to R$190,000 in the Trailhawk configuration.

If equipped with all the options, the “complete” Renegade could come close to the R$200,000 home, slightly higher than the Compass Limited equipped with the same engine.

Jeep must solve these and other mysteries soon, as the company has promised to reveal new information before the SUV’s official debut.

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