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The new immortal ABL changed his stance on the vaccine

The new immortal ABL changed his stance on the vaccine

The latest immortal from Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL)The jurist, José Paolo Cavalcante, changed his position on Covid-19 Vaccine during this year. In October 2020, he announced in an article that he would not take the mana. He has since taken three doses and told the column he would take a fourth if needed.

in the article Posted October 30th on the Veja websiteHe announced that he would not get the vaccine. As justification, he indicated that he actually had the disease – which doctors and scientists say is no reason not to get vaccinated.

“Opinions are given at certain historical times. Just look at the positions of Drauzio Varela and Roberto Khalil. At the time of writing, it was not certain that vaccines would be scientifically safe. Today, everything has changed. He explained that there is no doubt that we should all get on vaccinations.

Cavalcanti’s article discussed whether or not to take the vaccine. He was against the obligation and questioned the competence of the STF to make a decision on the matter.

The lawyer was elected on Thursday (11/25) for the seat held by Marco Maciel. He was Acting Minister of Justice during the government of José Sarney. In addition, he chaired the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (KED). He has published Fernando Pessoa – Almost an Autobiography and holds a chair at the Academia Pernambucana de Letras.

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