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The new guideline gives the power to decide when to get Covid

The new guideline gives the power to decide when to get Covid

Government issues new pandemic guidelines; Among them, it ends the policy of testing the unvaccinated in schools

CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Published New instructions on protection against Covid-19 for general public on Thursday (11.Aug.2022). In March 2020, the text eases restrictions imposed since the start of the pandemic, a period of isolation for those not infected with the virus and social distancing.

According to a senior epidemiologist at the CDC, Greta Massetti, “The guidance recognizes that the pandemic is not over yet, but helps us reach a point where Covid no longer interferes with our daily lives”. Also, he said this “Current conditions of the epidemic are very different from last 2 years”.

On the other hand, the document maintains certain measures such as encouraging testing of symptomatic people and their close contacts, use of masks in closed environments and 5-day quarantine for those who test positive. People with moderate symptoms or those hospitalized should stay at home for 10 days.

Here are the new recommendations:

  • People who have come into contact with the virus no longer need isolation;
  • Policy decision Test for accommodation (Test for accommodationin English) in schools;
  • Non-immune people do not need to test negative to be in public;
  • Students up to high school affected by the virus may attend classes (no recommendations for higher education students);
  • Asymptomatic patients do not need to be tested.

That’s what the company says “New public health recommendations evolve in response to evolving science, the availability of biomedical tools, and changes in the environment, such as variations in the levels and circulation of immunity in the population.”. United Nations Recorded 67% of the population was fully vaccinated by Wednesday (August 10).

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