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The new Amarok Pickup multimedia center has been revealed; Watch the video

The Amarok 2023 will come with over 30 driver assistance systems (Credit: Playback/Youtube/VW)

In its strategy to roll out the new generation Amarok Pickup, Volkswagen has announced what the in-car multimedia center will look like. It will be officially announced on July 7.

In a video posted on Youtube, the automaker made a teaser for the model’s multimedia center.

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The screen occupies a large part of the panel in the center of the front car, the screen adopts a tablet style and the available dimensions will be 10.1 and 12 inches. There will also be an 8-inch digital display.

On the technology side, the central device should control a series of features, in addition to pairing with smartphones to play music and direct drivers to their destinations via GPS.

More than 30 driver assistance systems can be configured through the multimedia center. There will be features like Lane Keeping Assist, adaptive cruise control, lighting and traffic sign recognition, many of which are new to the VW model. In the most complete versions, the pickup will come with an exclusive audio system.

The first Amarok 2023 units should reach dealers before the end of the year.

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