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The new 12th generation Alder Lake-S Intel Core processors arrive in October

Recent rumors indicate that the next generation Intel Core will arrive during Halloween الهال

Recent rumors indicate that twelfth generation Intel Corporation Nucleus, codenamed Alder Lake, may arrive in the day October 25. Alder Lake-S desktop processors come with 16-pin LGA 1700 socket, DDR5 support, PClE 5.0.

The information was leaked to Twitter by the user Moore’s Law diedNote that the new generation Intel Corporation Core will arrive at that time scary year, in a clear reference to Halloween.

According to the information, the Alder Lake-S Intel Core i9 model will arrive with 16 threads8 cores will be Golden Cove for high performance and 8 Gracemont cores for high energy efficiency. Alder Lake’s new CPUs will contain the technology too Enhanced SuperFin de 10nm TechnologyAnd the While lithography does not reach 7 nm.

12th Generation Intel Core supports DDR5, DDR4, LPDDR5, LPDDR4 memories, Wi-Fi 6E, Thunderbolt 4, Up to 20% more single thread performance. The LGA 1700 socket will need a new coolant slot, due to the rectangular shape of 37.5 x 45.0 mm. However Cooler manufacturers such as Noctua and Gigabyte have confirmed their support for Alder Lake processors.

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(Credits: Intel)

In addition, it should be the twelfth generation Intel Core The first motherboards with a 10-pin connector, with conductor ATX12V, which is gradually being subsidized by power supply manufacturers such as Seasonic and ASrock. Tests by Intel indicate that the connector can cut power consumption in half.

(Credits: Intel/Videocardz)

Recently, unprecedented tests of the processor have been leaked Intel Alder Lake-P with 14 cores and 20 threads with 64GB DDR5 RAM. This benchmark, conducted on Geekbench 5, showed multi-core performance outperforming the competitor AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS.

In the test, the Intel Alder Lake-P scored 1,287 points on single-thread workloads and 8950 points on workloads involving multiple cores. The rival Ryzen 9 5980HS scored 8,225 points in the multi-core, but still delivered superior single-core performance of 1,540.

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Source: TweaktownAnd the Tkradar

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