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The Netflix series is causing an influx of memes, with BBB and Namaria

The Netflix series is causing an influx of memes, with BBB and Namaria

The small screen adaptation of “Sandman” arrived on Netflix on Friday (5) and has already taken over social networks. And not just for the imaginative plot, which led Neil Gaiman’s original comedy to be one of the most devoted comics in the nerd world. Memes also moved around.

the hero of the story serieswhich had 10 episodes already available in marathon form in the Red Video Store, is Morpheus, or Dream of the Perpetual, played by dark Tom Sturridge, with a deep voice, serious expression and a look that was comparable to the gothic scene.

The tone of the series is heavy and reflective, but on Twitter, the name, look, and characters all win. Sandman translates to “sand man,” which is what Tonho da Lua even mentioned in “Mulheres de Areia.”

Junior, from the duet with Sandy, became a pun – Sandy Man, or Sandy Man, in translation, the formerBBB Serginio Sturridge and even Anna Maria Braga have been compared to her parrot, compared to the talking crows in the plot, she was the center of many jokes.

Take a look at the ‘Sandman’ memes and make sure there are no spoilers ahead:

Face …

Will Namaria present the show like this tomorrow?

Erie Johnson National Heritage

Tell me if this comparison with “Mulheres de Areia” is not genius?

Goths freak out

crows separate show

Battle of Millions

To conclude, a Corinthian is just like that, isn’t it?