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The National Ports Agency to regulate the transmission of data on fuel stocks

The National Ports Agency to regulate the transmission of data on fuel stocks

The goal is to allow more dynamic and effective supply control by the agency, which is currently receiving data with a 15-day delay, making it difficult to monitor stocks.

By Alana Gandra – Correspondent of the Brazilian Press Agency – Rio de Janeiro

The National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) will hold a public hearing Online Today (28), starting at 3 p.m., to analyze the proposed decision on the provision of regulated economic agents to the Agency, daily data on fuel stocks. The organization of actions will allow for a more dynamic and effective control of the supply by the Agency. The audience will be broadcast on the ANP’s YouTube channel.

Currently, the agency receives data on fuel supplies on a monthly basis, but with a 15-day delay in relation to the reference month. According to the agency, the delay makes it difficult to identify supply risk situations in advance, as well as map the actual supply situation in moments of product shortages.

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Since the country’s main fuel supplier, Petrobras, has a policy of divestment, the National Ports Agency believes it becomes more important to improve control of Brazil’s fuel supply.

This action complies with Resolution 12/2020 of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), which assigns the agency the role of structuring tools that include data and information, in real time or in other applicable periodic intervals, for regulated economic activities related to the national supply of fuels .