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The NASA astronaut says that science and Christianity are not mutually exclusive

The NASA astronaut says that science and Christianity are not mutually exclusive

In an interview, he said that one complements the other. You understand

Science goes hand in hand with Christianity. This is what a former NASA astronaut who spent 534 days in space believes and says.

what do you want to know:

Jeff Williams is a retired NASA astronaut who has been to space on four different occasions and recently highlighted in an interview how science aligns with Christian faith.

“Science does not contradict Christianity. There is no contradiction. The contradiction comes from its philosophy of life. Either your philosophy recognizes a deity who has specifically shown himself in the books of the Bible, or your philosophy ignores or does not allow a deity,” he explained to The Christian Post. To explain that everything “accidentally” exists over time.

This astronaut said during a new exhibition at the Museum of the Bible, located in Washington, USA. The exhibition was titled: “The Bible and Science: Our Universe, Ourselves, Our Place.”

What to analyze:

He further asserts that science and Christianity complement each other and that one inspires the other. So, the entire content of the show just reaffirmed this, how faith is applied to science and the Bible.

“Many of the scientists of the age of science—who we read about in our books on the laws of physics and chemistry—were believers first. They were theologians first. People like Kepler, Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, and many more. They were moved by their faith and understanding of their call before God to realize this. the invitation.

Reports of experts on faith and science:
  • “I want to talk about how the Bible supports science and teaches about the elements of the mathematical order of God’s creation, our calling as human beings, bearers of God’s image, and how God has equipped us to explore and extract that order and use it for the glory and good of mankind,” said astronaut Jeff Williams.
  • “There is a common belief that science and Christianity should always be in conflict, but what we are trying to show here is that believers have engaged in science, that texts from the Bible have inspired people to do science, and science, in turn, has helped us over time to gain a better understanding of what it says.” Bible indeed,” said Lawrence Principe, a board member who helped bring the exhibit to the museum.
  • “Faith provides meaning, while science provides ‘why’. It boils down to this. This whole exhibition shows that both science and religion have their place and that they don’t necessarily need each other, but are in constant dialogue with each other and with the world,” said Jeff White, exhibition product.
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