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The narrator is confused with the CBF advisor who played the cat

The narrator is confused with the CBF advisor who played the cat

Vinicius Rodrigueznarrator to Grupo Globo, was confused with a CBF advisor who threw a cat off the table during Vini Júnior’s press conference last Tuesday, 7.

a Professional journalism From the Brazilian national team bears the same name as the broadcaster and for this reason people went on to attack the wrong person on social networks. Vinicius who threw the cat closed his Instagram account after the negative repercussions of his act.

Credit: Play/InstagramThe narrator is mistaken for the CBF consultant who dumped the cat

The narrator, Vinicius Rodriguez, who has nothing to do with the story, begins to suffer several attacks and threats on social networks. The insults continued even after he recorded a video showing that he was not a press officer of the Brazilian Football Confederation, but a professional from the Globo group.

“I’m canceled and I’m being hated. The situation is like this: Today there was a press conference for the Brazilian national team and Vinicius Jr. was there for an interview. The CBF advisor is called Vinicius Rodrigues, and he has me by name and surname. It happened in the middle of the conference here (Video of the consultant being “Some people came through direct messages and photos and complained to me,” said Vinicius, who shows the messages he received from social network users).

Vinicius was appointed by Globo as narrator in February this year. The broadcaster was already ahead of the leadership in broadcasting volleyball, basketball and football games.

Cat at the press conference

During Vini Jr.’s press conference. On Wednesday, the seventh of this month, a cat took the place and sat on top of the board, next to the press officer of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Vinicius Rodriguez, who grabbed the cat’s skin and threw it hard on the ground. The player, who didn’t seem to be bothered by the animal, was laughing at this moment.

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This situation has created an area of ​​discussion on social networks and many have criticized the handling method used by the employee, because although it is widely known to be painless, it is not recommended by professionals.

The animal has been in the press room at the Grand Hamad Stadium, since the beginning of the interview with Feeney Junior, as Brazil is training in Qatar. However, after nearly half an hour, the cats decided to climb onto the table, to everyone’s surprise, including the counselor.