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The mysterious character that will be presented by Netflix in the sixth season

Originally, The devil It will end in season 5 Netflix. Changes were made to the platform and production and the farewell was postponed to the sixth year.

This brought changes to the plot. The first is a new character that will appear in the sixth and final season of The devil.

It continues after the announcement

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On TV Line, presenters Ildi Modrovic and Joe Henderson talked about the introduction of this mysterious character. Despite the comment, details were not disclosed.

“There is a character in the sixth season who was not part of the fifth season. It is a completely new character,” the program chiefs promised.

So far, two new characters have been announced for the final season of The devil. a Netflix Brianna Hildebrand confirms that she is rebel angel Rory and Meryn Dungey as Sonia, a policewoman who has an affair with Amenadiel.

This change wasn’t the only one for the final season of The devil.

before or end The devil It will be like Season 5, with only a few additions. The story will end in Netflix With Tom Ellis’ character transformed into God.

When the show was renewed, the series bosses didn’t have to think much. They realized that the end of the fifth year left the story open and so they simply wrote a new chapter of the plot.

“It’s amazing that we stopped at an easy point, in the middle of a curve. When they said, ‘Let’s have another season,’ it was easy because it was the end of Chapter Five. The devil We became a god and realized it was cool to leave it open. In Chapter 6, a lot will happen, but of course we cut it a little. and then, The devil God became the end of the fifth year, Modrovic explained.

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The series summary says about Netflix.

The devil Stars Tom Ellis. The series contains five seasons Netflix It is confirmed for the sixth and final year.