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The monkey steals the cell phone and calls the police and makes them go to the zoo to find out

The monkey steals the cell phone and calls the police and makes them go to the zoo to find out

Last Monday, the 15th, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office in California, United States, participated in Facebook account An unusual case occurred in the police department. A monkey stole the phone of a zookeeper and called the police.

According to the police, the case occurred on Saturday night, when they received a call to 911 (the emergency number), but shortly after the call ended.

Concerned, the answering police tried to call and send text messages, but received no response. So a squad car was sent to the location of the call to investigate. The address took them to Zoo’s offices for you – the local zoo. However, no one made the call.

All the workers on the site, fascinated, began to investigate who could have made such a call. That’s when they realized it could be a road, a monkey who lives on the Capuchin Monkey Road, inside the zoo.

Apparently, the monkey took the phone from the golf cart used to tour the 40-acre zoo. “They say the capuchins are very curious and will pick up anything and start pushing buttons,” the police wrote in the post. And that’s what Root did, hitting the right combination that redirected the call to the police.

The officers concluded, “As you can see in these pictures, she narrated a little embarrassed about the whole thing. But you can’t really blame her, after all, the monkey sees, the monkey does.”

Internet users were amused by the mail. The post garnered more than 1,700 reactions, 457 shares, and dozens of comments full of humor.

Someone joked, “This is a good way to get some friends in a hurry!”

Another commented “You’d better be smart, so sorry!”

A third wrote: “How funny. She’s a cute little monkey.”

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