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The model who yelled at the police in the hijacking supports Bolsonaro and accuses Chris Brown of assault

Lesian Gutierrez was also disqualified from the Miss Butt 2017 contest and was kicked out of the VIP area at Dua Lipa’s show in the United States because of the clothes she was wearing.

Reproduction / TwitterA video clip of Lizian Gutierrez insulting the police reverberated on social media

to show Lesian Gutierrez The topic became after the yelling and swearing of police officers who, during a blitzkrieg, ended a secret party that was taking place in Jardins, an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo, last Saturday 10. The widely circulated video was published by Federal Representative Alexandre Fruta ( PSDB-SP) and the model who Shake social networks. Lesian is 35 years old and has over half a million followers on Instagram and is a vegetarian. She only follows 115 people and is among the few celebrities she follows on sertanejo Long, the actor Thomas Costa reality show directorfarmRodrigo Carelli. On her Instagram, the model posts most of the posts in English and her profile contains many photos of the trips she has taken around the world. This is not the first time that Lesian has been highlighted in the media, the model has already participated in Controversies due to political reasons, she was already excluded from Miss Pompom, and was expelled from the VIP area at a concert. Dua Lipa Because of your clothes you are already charged Chris Brown from aggression.


In the 2018 elections, Lesian campaigned to elect the incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro. In several Instagram posts, she used the hashtag “yes”, exposing her political opinion and repelling criticism. “You say the candidate I support is sexist, but only today has I been called a slut by about 500 people for the simple fact of showing my support to those who I think are, yes, willing to improve my country. I will never ask for socialism for the sake of my native country that lives in a country [Estados Unidos] Capitalism ”, wrote the model at the time. She even participated in a demonstration for Bolsonaro in Las Vegas in the same year.

Confusion in Dua Lipa’s show

Also in 2018, Lesian had to leave the VIP area for a concert by singer Dua Lipa, which was held in the United States, when she wore a piece of clothing written #elesim at the event. “I was invited to go to the Dua Lipa concert, I love songs, I was between a reserved area and another right in front of the stage. In the second song of the show, a guard asked me to leave and I asked why (obviously) until the guard, after talking to someone, asked what I was I wear it under my shirt and if I can remove the T-shirt, the model said on social networks “Otherwise I will have to withdraw from this separate area.” In the same post, the Brazilian stated that she would seek justice against this situation, which she classified as an act of intolerance.

Support for former President Donald Trump

Lisian also expressed her support for former US President Donald Trump. In 2018, she released a post containing photos of Trump, Bolsonaro, and former Minister of Justice and Public Security Sergio Moro. “My little heart can’t take these three together! Trump, you made me pay a fortune to my lawyer just to speed up my naturalization for him! [mesmo assim] They voted for you (laughs), and I don’t regret it,” the model wrote in the caption.

Effects of the epidemic

At the beginning of a pandemic COVID-19In April 2020, Lesian used social media to criticize the measures the government had taken to try to contain the damage from the virus. “The block has been done to flatten the curve not eradicate the virus. Impossible to wait until the virus is completely eradicated from all over the world to reopen. I will use myself as an example: I have some homes in Las Vegas that I rent (this is the main income). I asked three tenants Not paying the rent and using the money to survive. For a month or two it’s OK, but I can’t take it forever or I’ll break. I also have bills to pay. The same goes for small businesses and government. They all need revenue to keep working. I I’m not telling you not to worry about the virus, I’m telling you to take precautions and let our world work again, we can’t have a global recession.”

from Miss Pat

Another curiosity about the model is that she was actually disqualified from the Miss Butt contest in 2017. It was announced on the official page of the contest: “Liziane Gutierrez, who will represent Rio Grande do Norte at Miss Butt 2017, is ineligible from the competition for non-compliance with the rule. Came The decision to organize the competition after Lizian appeared in an article published by TMZ talking about the aesthetic procedure to enhance her buttocks.” It is worth noting that to participate in the competition, contestants cannot obtain silicone buttocks prostheses.

Chris Brown charged with assault

Lesian also made news on US website TMZ, in 2016, by accusing rapper Chris Brown of assault. According to the model, she got punched while trying to take a picture at a party for the singer. At the time, the American artist denied the accusations that Lesian was not in his hotel room and that she was “not of his kind.” Las Vegas police dropped the case for lack of evidence.

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