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The miracle of eating two cups of grapes every day.  Check the reason

The miracle of eating two cups of grapes every day. Check the reason

Recent studies show that about Two cups of grape tea Every day can help a lot in various aspects of health. Check out all the benefits this simple eating habit can provide to your health.

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Understand the benefits of eating grapes every day

“First, it increases life expectancy, indicating a global whole-body response. Then it improves the body’s antioxidant defense system,” said lead author of one of the studies, John Bisotto, MD, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Western University, UK.

Grapes are also rich in antioxidants known to improve health and prevent disease and cancer in humans, and these antioxidants protect cells from free radical damage inside the body (inflammation, for example) or outside the body, such as pollution, UV rays or cigarette smoke.

A second study by researchers at the University of Western New England revealed that eating grapes can reduce the risk of developing fatty liver disease, a condition caused by excess fat being stored in the liver, and increase life expectancy by another five years.

In addition, grapes also burn calories as they are digested, which in turn helps increase MetabolismAccording to a third study conducted by the team.

Here’s how to keep grapes at home for longer

After choosing the fruit you want to buy, it’s time to move on to the second step. Wash the grapes well, remove the impurity and remove the twigs or some of the wilted grapes. By getting rid of the worst-looking, you ensure that the healthy types last longer.

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To thoroughly clean the grapes, use:

  • paper towel
  • alcohol vinegar
  • clean bowl
  • strainer or sieve.

Trick to make it last longer

Then rinse them well with running water and soak them in a solution with half a small cup of vinegar and water until enough is enough. Grapes need to rest for at least an hour before drying.

After this time, strain the grapes through a sieve and place in a container with a lid lined with two sheets of paper towel. Put the grapes in the fridge and choose the coldest inside.

This way, the grapes will stay fresh for at least 7 days. If you prefer, you can freeze a portion and keep it that way for up to 3 months. Meaning you can take advantage of promotions and buy several grapes to stock up on, right? Enjoy the tip.