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The Mining City celebrates the Queen's Letter from the United Kingdom

The Mining City celebrates the Queen’s Letter from the United Kingdom

The most talked about subject in the streets and squares of Joo Pinheiro, northwest of Minas, is a letter sent by Queen Elizabeth II to first year students of a high school in Colgio Darclia Coimbatore.

The content is grateful for the congratulations of 30 students for their 70-year rule and for their wish for the restoration of the King, who was diagnosed with Govit-19 disease last February.

The letter in the card stock, sealed with a photograph of Elizabeth II and the royal seal, arrived at the school address on May 23 and was signed by Mary Morrison – Lady-in-Waiting.

Marlon Melkov, 29, a philosophy professor who has been teaching at the school for a year, said the idea of ​​sending the letter was proposed while studying the basic concepts of government agencies. “We studied the British monarchy, parliament and presidential system. Many students watched the television series on the background of Elizabeth II’s reign and were very excited.

According to the professor, the most interesting thing was the response from the students: “They noticed this and think they used public money to respond to a group outside the Commonwealth (which is a union territory and most of its former colonies maintain cooperative relations).”

First-year high school students celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s response (Photo: Advertising / Professor Marlon Melkov)

According to Melkovo, the city echoed, “After all, there are not many queens around the world and a royal response has caused a kind of outrage among the entire school community and families.”

“I would like to write and thank you for the letter you sent to His Majesty on the eve of the Queen’s Platinum Celebration.

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The Queen was pleased to hear from you, and although she could not answer you personally, Her Majesty greatly appreciated the good things you said.

I want to thank you again for this year’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Greetings. “ – Mary Morrison – Lady-in-waiting.