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The minimum promised payout is R$20.00

The minimum promised payout is R$20.00

Small task application: Does the Lucky Money app really pay 20 Brazilian reais in a practical and fast way for Brazilian users? This is what many people want to know! After all, originally, Lucky Money was only available to international audiences. However, in 2022 the app has arrived in Brazil, and it didn’t take long to catch the attention of national users.

The fact that the app is a success with the national audience isn’t exactly a surprise, as Brazilians are very interested in micro-tasking apps and income-generating platforms. In these apps, people from all over the country can earn money by doing simple activities like answering surveys, playing games, and much more. To solve the public’s doubts, we downloaded Lucky Money and tested the platform; Check out our review!

It’s all about the small task app. Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br

Learn more about the Micro Tasks app!

The Lucky Money app for small tasks is currently the most successful with the Brazilian public! The application has already been downloaded by more than 10 million peopleAnd the number of its users is increasing every day.

Podium – full name Lucky Money: Feel good and make it rain – However, it only works on Android phones. Ie: Not everyone with an iPhone (or other Apple devices) can download the app and earn from the platform.

It is also important to remember that the app has an apk version, which, We definitely do not recommend downloading.

apk applications, for those who do not know, It does not pass the security check of the official app stores (such as Play Store and App Store) and thus can cause serious damage to users’ smartphones.

Such damages include, for example, Installing spyware, stealing information, and even gaining access to bank accounts.

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The Lucky Money mini task app is developed by a company called Shape Keeper. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong.

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How to register for Lucky Money?

If you want to earn money in the Lucky Money app, the first step is to download the app (on your Android phone) and Complete the registration on the platform.

We show below Complete step by step What you need to follow to do this; paying off:

  • Enter the Play Store;
  • search for “Lucky Money”;
  • On the application page, click “Install”;
  • wait for the installation to finish;
  • click “Open”;
  • Wait for the app to load (this may take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed);
  • When you first access the app, you play a scratch card and are guaranteed between 5,000 and 20,000 points;
  • Click OK to issue the result.
  • ready! From there, you can check out all the games and start earning real money on the platform.

How do you earn money on Lucky Money?

The main way to earn money with Lucky Money is to play games on the platform. Each game has a corresponding score, which must accumulate until the minimum withdrawal amount is reached. Check out all the games available below and learn how to take advantage of each one:

  • scratch card: This is the main game of the application. To win, you just need to clear the screen and reveal the sequence of pictures that appear behind it. If the same image appears more than 3 times (on the same side), users earn points;
  • the lottery: In classic bingo style, users win money by drawing numbers;
  • Draw: Users win tickets and compete for prizes. These tickets are free, because the application does not require investment or contribution;
  • Roulette: Subscribers spin the roulette wheel and earn daily points;
  • Jackpot: This game works in the style of slot machines, and users earn points by sequentially collecting pictures.
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There are also other ways for those who want to earn money with Lucky Money. are they: Share referral link, access the app every day and rate the platform on the Play Store.

How do you pull in the mini task app? Minimum withdrawal is R$20?

To secure a withdrawal in Lucky Money, Users must accumulate points and access the “Reward Redemption” or “Cash Withdrawal” area.

Each transfer method has a different minimum withdrawal limit. Below we show the full schedule. paying off:

  • Loot via Pix: Minimum amount of R$20, which equals 22 million points;
  • Withdraw via PayPal: minimum value of $5 (about R$25), equivalent to 22 million points;
  • Withdraw via PagBank: Minimum amount of R$20, which equals 22 million points;
  • Withdraw via Bitcoin: Minimum value of 0.1 Bitcoin, equivalent to 90,000 points.

The app also pays Tinder and Spotify coupons And other applications, in addition to the virtual game currency.

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Does the Small Tasks App Really Pay? Is Lucky Money worth it?

In our review of the Lucky Money app, we can conclude that the platform, unfortunately, is not worth it.. The main problem is the large number of points required to guarantee a minimum cashout.

As you can already see, to withdraw as little as R$20, Users have to accumulate more than 20 million points, which is very difficult.

On the Play Store, Lucky Money has a score of 4.3 (out of 5), considered average. In the comments, the opinions of users are divided. Some subscribers say the app really pays, others say it’s almost impossible to guarantee payments. Check out some of the reports below and draw your own conclusions:

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“The app is really bad, it just wants to trap you. You lose points little by little and then you earn a big bonus. But at the end of the day, you only earn the points you spend. In addition to all this, you watch an ad, and then the app forces you to watch another ad. And to withdraw money it takes a long time. Won’t recommend to anyone” – cunning.

“The app is good, with fun games, it helps to pass the time. However, they don’t pay. I tested the game for two months, made four withdrawal requests, it keeps processing and they don’t pay. If you want to get extra winnings, this one won’t gain”- Dersu Pereira.

“I actually came here to praise the app, then I got close to the minimum withdrawal, and what happens? The app no ​​longer opens” – lo ladies.

Learn more about Lucky Money at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=scratch.lucky.money.free.real.big.win.

Finally, Pronatec.pro.br does not guarantee payments, potential problems with websites, applications, games, investment methods, or income generation alternatives. We have no connection with the application or the developer, we suggest that you search carefully and read all information before downloading any application, registering on the platforms or websites or investing money.