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The messaging app officially announces its end of service after 28 years

The messaging app officially announces its end of service after 28 years

The world of technology is always evolving, however, we must say goodbye to some services that defined an era. This is the case of ICQ, the leader in the field of instant messaging services, which announced the closure of its activities. This event marks the end of an era for many who grew up using this means of communication in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Created in 1996 by the Israeli company Mirabilis, ICQ was revolutionary for its time, introducing the concept of instant messaging to many people. The software was acquired by AOL in 1998, and featured the popular “Uh oh!” notification sound. And an interface that enables a new form of social interaction online.

Why was ICQ discontinued?

According to an announcement by the Russian company VK, which has been running ICQ since 2010, the service will be discontinued as of June 26. The reason behind this decision was not explained in detail, but it is believed that the continued development of communication platforms and strong competition from modern applications, such as WhatsApp, contributed to this choice.

ICQ’s legacy is indisputable. With its popularity peaking in the early 2000s, reaching over 100 million registered users, the service established many of the basic concepts of modern messaging platforms. In addition to text messaging, ICQ introduced features such as sending SMS and communicating with offline users, innovation in the telecommunications sector.

As alternatives to ICQ, VK suggests using VK Messenger for personal conversations and VK WorkSpace for professional interactions. Despite the end of ICQ, VK seems intent on continuing to provide robust communications solutions to meet today’s users’ needs.

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