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The man who gave up the bride's dog for being a jerk you give up on him|  pet channel

The man who gave up the bride’s dog for being a jerk you give up on him| pet channel

Reproduction / Facebook

Young finds out that her boyfriend abandoned her prostitute and punishes him in the same way

A woman decided to give the groom some of his own poison after he gave up his pet dog, Marine, because it was not a purebred animal. A friend helped him take the girl to a vacant place and left her there.

What he did not depend on was that his friend’s conscience would speak louder and this would reveal the secret to the Marine Master. Then the young woman took him to the road saying that she would be surprised by him.

The young woman blindfolded his eyes so that he would not notice that they were in the same place where he had left the dog. She makes him show some papers on camera, where he inadvertently confesses everything he did with the Navy. The newspapers said: “I left my fiancée’s dog because it was not of the breed, but my best friend betrayed me and confessed to her, and now I will suffer the consequences.”

After the message is shown on the camera, he is escorted to the fence where she asks him to step back and count up to 15, to his surprise. As he reckons, his ex-fiancée and – apparently – his best ex-boyfriend are back in the car with the dog.

When a man takes off his blindfold, thinking that he will receive a fully bred dog as a gift, he actually sees that the mutt who abandoned him is back and that he will find out how she felt when she was abandoned.

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“Oh, I found her love,” he said, pretending to be happy. But soon it was discovered that the bride had discovered his lie. That’s when he started getting angry at his friend.

“The Navy is part of the family and this should not be done to anyone. You are a disgusting person, there is no explanation. The same thing the Navy felt you would feel,” the woman said. Now you will live like her.” After that the friend left by car and the man stayed on the road.

The video was posted on Facebook and garnered more than 10 million views.