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“The little tag I didn’t have for Amanda…”; Paulo Vieira jokes about his sister, from BBB 23, the fans rebel and gets blown up on the web


The comedian sparked controversy after giving an opinion about the sister in The Discord Game

Photo: Playback / Globo

Monday Night (20), Comedian Paulo Vieira Controversy sparked on social media after opinions were expressed about Discord game On BBB 23. He, who has a constant reality show, Amanda is called a plant.Which led to a revolution in the sister fans.

On the web, Paolo shared an image, which indicates a plate that the doctor can receive dynamically. The Little Painting I Didn’t Have of Amanda wrote on Twitter. The picture shows a sign that reads: “Please do not step in the garden.”

Photo: Playback / Globo

Paolo’s “joke” was not well received by Amanda’s fans, who raged on the web: “I see, you need to share [risos]. No talent, no fun. You really need to talk about Amanda.” said a netizen. “Honestly, absolutely unnecessary…”, said another. “Care more about making us laugh, because you fail at it every time you show up!” , one sticky. “God, our dear ones, scold us for your envy, go and find ways to improve your “capricious” framework, post installer.

In a post that has since been deleted, The comedian kept sharing a comment from a fan and continued to mock the sister. “Respect me, okay. I have more hours of tweets than Amanda sleeps,” Scored. In another tweet, he said: “Few people know but the participant explodes if Amanda is mentioned in the discord game.”

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