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The listed player discovers with two new enemies

The listed player discovers with two new enemies

elden ringFromSoftware, the latest version is out acclaim from critics And by the audience at the premiere. The title continues to surprise, and players are still making great discoveries on their adventures. The most recent one was listed with two new aggressions.

The Lindell Coliseum was already mentioned in March by moderator Lance MacDonaldwho reported the impossibility of his access to the site. Now, “Sekiro Dubi”, another member of the community, has managed to modify the game further to get to the place.

When exploring the site, the designer reveals that there is a cool site at the entrance, “confirming” that players can visit the ring at some point in Elden Ring development – or, who knows, in a future expansion.

In addition, Dobby faced two new “incomplete” enemies: the “Great Gladiator” and the “Old Lion of the Ring”. The modder also states that based on the description of some elements, the Colosseum was a place where men tested their strength by fighting monsters.

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