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The latest test generates chaos in Power Couple and puts the couple into DR;  Know Who · TV News

The latest test generates chaos in Power Couple and puts the couple into DR; Know Who · TV News

Latest evidence of Brazil Power Couple 6 This led to disagreements between the spouses. Last Saturday (9), they competed for first place in the reality show final. The result has not yet been revealed, but Only Brenda Picasso and Matthew Sampaio were the only ones who failed to complete any stage She is in the DR. Luana Andrade and Joao Haddad argued that they did not go well.

“You’ve been looking to the side the whole time, you’ve seen it,” Luana complained. “Every test degrades what I do, you always think you’re right, and I’m wrong!” , previously reported in On Vacation with Ex.

Brenda and Sampaio provided some details of the test, which included balls and dryer use. The influencer accused his companion of yelling at him in the middle of the test and distracting him.

“It will do no good, and you keep yelling in my ear, now you’ll support what you did to me there, for the next three you’ll see what I’m going to do to you down there. Scream and swear, you’ll see.”

The redhead apologized to her boyfriend when they were alone in the room, but Sampaio continued to scold her for her attitude: “It’s not just up to me, it’s up to you too. […] I didn’t, I didn’t leave the place, everyone left. What will I do? ‘, the businessman revolted.

How was the last test?

The pairs test was inspired by The reality show Ilha Record, which premieres on the 18th after the end of Power Couple 2022. The challenge was split into four stages, and the challenge didn’t air on PlayPlus, the record streaming service, but the pairs returned to the palace each time the stage was completed. Ariane gave Galisteu a wing that the phases include fire, water, earth and air.

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Check the performance of the pairs in the test:

  • Albert Bressan and Adriana Ribeiro Completed the stages of water, air and earth
  • Brenda Picsau and Matthew Sampaio Didn’t complete any steps
  • Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho Completed the stages of fire, water and earth
  • Luana Andrade and Joao Haddad Completed the air and fire stages

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