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The Lakers display an aggressive stance and win the Suns in Phoenix

The Lakers display an aggressive stance and win the Suns in Phoenix


What a game, friends! With a more aggressive stance and with the team more engaged from the first minutes, the Lakers beat the Suns 109-102 Tuesday evening in Phoenix.

All the team needed to do after the apathy appeared last Sunday, we saw it on the field in this second match. The team was dominant in defense, fierce inside the penalty area, and showed why one of the biggest couples in the current NBA was in search of another championship.

Anthony Davis, who took full responsibility for the team’s poor first game, was one of the team’s highlights on both sides of the field. Very active at all times, he was the team’s top scorer with 31 points and a stats streak close to a hat-trick with nine rebounds and seven assists.

LeBron James also played an important role in leading the team at all times, placing the ball under his arm and making sure the Lakers would emerge victorious in the second game of the series.

It wasn’t the star of the duo that shone tonight. The work as a whole was very important to the positive outcome of the team. As if the Spaniard Marc Gasol complied with the request of his fans, he stayed on the field for 20 minutes, and despite his only six points, he had a ridiculous importance in distributing the team on the field at both ends. Teammate Andre Drummond made a great start, finishing twice in the first half and ending the night with 15 points and 12 rebounds.

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In the frame, the gang also gave their message. Along the same lines with the others, Schroeder, KCB and Matthews, active in this match, were a separate case in their volley. Caruso, despite his hard work, this time was not the most memorable one, but he did his part as well. And Schroeder among them ended up being the most prominent with 24 points. Although passed blank, KCP had a very important role in differentiating the Suns’ loaded duo.

It was a tough match that deserved a playoff match. Now, we’re back home and we’ll face Arizona again next Thursday.