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The Kremlin has accused the UK of trying to 'recruit' Russian diplomats in the Netherlands

The Kremlin has accused the UK of trying to ‘recruit’ Russian diplomats in the Netherlands

On Monday (31), Moscow summoned the Netherlands ambassador Russia, Gilles Beschoor Plug, to “vehemently protest” against what he believes is “a Western attempt to recruit Russian ambassadors to the Netherlands.” The move follows Kremlin allegations that British intelligence tried to recruit the Russian embassy’s military attache. Hack. From the information portal The Daily Beast.

According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the attempt was said to have taken place on the 20th. [Plug] He received strong opposition to the Russian Embassy’s recruitment approach to military attaché. Toss.

The gesture was described in a statement by a Russian government agency as part of “unacceptable provocations” that could “disrupt the normal functioning of Russian companies abroad,” he added.

The Russian Embassy building in The Hague, Netherlands (Photo: Advertisement)

The Kremlin said the incident could lead to a worsening of bilateral relations with the Netherlands. He added that the Dutch “allowed the British to feel too comfortable in their country and to provoke Russia”. Dutch news.

This is not the first time Russia has protested against Dutch government diplomats. The previous episode took place in April, when Moscow said members of the Dutch special services tried to recruit three Russian diplomats who had been notified. An ungrateful person.

In another case, in July 2020, in The Hague, Moscow, during maintenance work, surveillance equipment was found installed in the car of a consular employee, an assistant to the Russian military attache. At that time, they also called the ambassador of the Netherlands to give an explanation.

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Military attack by troops Vladimir Putin In Ukraine, in addition to the wave of condemnation and international sanctions, hundreds of Russian ambassadors were expelled – including Moldova After the missile fell on Monday (31) – from Western countries, many of them were accused of espionage.