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The "King of Escape" was arrested after trying to kill a prostitute

The “King of Escape” was arrested after trying to kill a prostitute

Italian police in the early hours of Friday morning arrested the criminal Max Leitner, known as the “King of Escape”, from prisons, radio “Rai Alto Adige” reported. The Italian became famous in the country because he managed to escape from detention centers five times.

Max Leitner arrested after shooting in Bolzano

Photo: ANSA / ANSA

According to what TV learned, around midnight and a half, a girl called the police to report that her car had been shot. The car was empty and was hit as it was leaving a customer’s house.

Since I was able to get some signals from the vehicle that fired, the agents were able to intercept the vehicle after a short chase. In addition to Leitner, the police arrested a 59-year-old Austrian without official residence on Italian soil and confiscated a pistol, rifle and electric taser.

Leitner was not currently serving any penalties. The latter had been allowed to serve house arrest because of his age in 2016, 63 years old. In the 1980s, the criminal was convicted of several kidnappings, but it wasn’t until August 1990 that he was caught in the act of the Austrian police during a powerful car robbery.

During the 1990s and 2000s, Leitner managed to escape once from a prison in Austria and five more times from Italian prisons.

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