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O filme integrou a seleção da nona edição da 8 ½ Festa do Cinema Italiano; A obra entrou em apenas um horário, uma sala

The Italian movie “Il Buco” has time as a main character

The film was part of the selection for the 9th edition of the 8th Italian Film Festival; Work in one room only

Like many Southerners—the Barondi family in Rocco and his brothers classic Luchino Visconti—the filmmaker Michelangelo Framartino’s family abandoned the agricultural south and migrated to industrial Milan in northern Italy. It was where he studied. He was on vacation in Calabria. She was already a teenager when she met her grandparents. “I fell in love with my grandfather, he told me stories from the paese (home — in this case, an Italian community in the Veneto region) that helped build my identity,” he says, in a Zoom interview.

Whoever has seen it will not forget like Quatro Voltas, the 2010 movie. Whoever has seen it will not forget Il Buco. The film was part of the selection for the last 9th edition of the 8th Italian Film Festival. I only entered once, one room. Although they are quite different, Elvis Il Buco and Baz Luhrmann are the best films of the year, so far.

Frammartino relied on the expedition of Italian speleologists to southern Italy in the early 1960s, where they discovered the deepest cave in the country. The film consists of two reverse motions. At first, a news release mentions the construction of the tallest building in Milan. At the same time, the movement of scientists was downward toward the bowels of the Earth.

An elderly man, leaning on a tree, observes the movement of scientists below. This guy disappears at some point. Cut to your home. Breathing lightly, he looks dead. Will it be real?

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“My 13-year-old son loves Tim Burton’s movies,” says Framartino, amused. “He asked me, ‘Dad, why don’t you make real movies like his?’ My son doesn’t have a lot of patience with[my features].” As the director says: “I don’t want to tell the story of this campaign. I want the viewer to share it and live the experience.”

inside the cave

It was not easy for him. On an expedition – introductory – he entered a cave. “I had palpitations, anxiety attacks. To get around the problem, I slept a few nights in the cave. The pitch was full. But eventually we got used to it.”

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And his audience? “I know my cinema is unpopular, with a great show, but I have been able to make the films I want, the way I want. There is an audience for all kinds of movies.”

Single sheets of old newspapers and magazine covers naturally enter the story, which is not really a date, to mark the time. John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, Young Sophia Loren. Evaluates “personal time”. “I hope the audience will understand that this journey into the cave is a journey inward from the people themselves. That is what interests me, the experience.”

The experience has a broad meaning – the journey of the characters and the journey of the author himself, the construction of his demanding language. It’s a great – huge – movie.

Estadao content.

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