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The ITA becomes the target of an operation by the Ministry of Justice and may be fined R$11 million

RIO – The Department of Consumer Protection and Defense (DPDC), an agency of the Department of Justice, has launched an administrative proceeding against Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos (ITA) for non-compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (CDC).

company Air operator certificate suspended by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) hours after the company suddenly announced a (thesis) closure of operations on the 17th. Without the document, the company would not be able to fly again.

Capital:ITA owes R$12 million to Orbital, which serves passengers in Guarulhos

The center highlights a lack of clear and public information to the consumer and assistance in addressing failure to provide the service among the problems identified by the agency’s preliminary investigation.

ITA has 20 days to present its defense, and if that is not enough, the airline could be fined up to R$11 million.

According to the airline, about 133,000 passengers will be affected by the flight suspension, taking into account round-trip travel from December 17 to February 17, the date the airline says it intends to resume its activities, although there is no evidence. From restoring the license until then.

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As of last Tuesday, the company said it had begun the process and reimbursed, transporting 25,696 passengers on a flight from another airline or on another type of transportation, which is equivalent to 56% of all consumers affected by the 518 suspended flights as of December 31.

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On Tuesday, ITA reported that Passengers who have already traveled with the company and are away from their homes will be re-accommodated to return to their original destinations. Others must enter and request a refund of their tickets for the company. According to the company, as of Wednesday, R$8 million had been added to the process of consumer reversal

the Procon announced in Sao Paulo last Wednesday that it will fine ITA. The agency said in a statement that the company’s response to its inquiries did not live up to expectations.

Agency on the horizon:Procon-SP requests clarification from Anac regarding suspension of airline operations

The Consumer Protection Committee states that the administrative process does not prevent the opening of criminal proceedings and compensation for damages caused to the consumer.

Check passenger rights

  • Information: Passengers must be notified of the cancellation and told how to proceed.
  • helps: If you are at the airport, the consumer is entitled to communication facilities, food and even transportation and accommodation, as the case may be.
  • Renew or refund: According to the DPDC, Law 14034, which created special rules for the pandemic, valid through December 31, does not apply to the ITA. The company is obligated to transport the consumer on another airline, to move to another mode of transport or to compensate him immediately; The customer chooses it.

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  • Agencies and Websites: Those who purchased tickets through agencies or intermediary websites can request resettlement or reimbursement, as they are responsible.
  • Where to discover: The Company is committed to keeping information visible in its service channels. However, the ITA has so far only provided one email address for communication.
  • what should I do: The first step is to research and document the company and keep all protocols. If there is no solution, Anac and DPDC guidelines are to file a complaint at Consumidor.gov.br. The next step is to go to court. In this case, it is necessary to have proof of the expenses and damages caused by the cancellation.
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