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The iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch, two front cameras, and a second leak

The iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch, two front cameras, and a second leak

Prototype pictures Iphone Number 13, which was revealed on Tuesday (13) by the Indian site MySmartPrice, indicates that Apple may make changes to the front cameras of the new device, which could lead to a screen smaller than the current models and possibly two front cameras.

According to the 3D images obtained by the site, the space above the screen shows three circular holes in the front of the screen smart phone For cameras and sensors. It’s a bit difficult to see, as the prototype is all-white, but with a little effort the holes can be detected.

In theory, this is already happening in the design of current iPhones, which have a hole for the FaceID sensor, an infrared camera, and the main front camera. But what is remarkable is that there are usually two circular holes to the left of the incision and one hole to the right.

Not what happens in the leaked photos, which show the holes together, side by side. It could be a sign of two front cameras on the iPhone 13, although the company has yet to confirm this.

In addition, the the design The new smartphone is the same as the iPhone 12, launched in 2020, and its dimensions remain the same.

Rear and notch cameras

On the back, the cameras look similar to the iPhone 12, which has a main lens and another ultra-wide angle lens, but the design now places them diagonally, changing the vertical arrangement of the previous generation.

As previously He speculated since MarchThe notch on the screen should be part of the new font design, but its size was reduced, as the headphone was moved to the top of the device.

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Changes have already been revealed and released

In FebruaryThen, information has emerged that the iPhone 13’s Pro models may come with LPTO technology. It supports high-level refresh rates on the screen, up to 240 Hz, which will allow for new experiences with images. The Samsung This technology is already used in its more advanced models.

Other rumors speak of the end of the Lightning port, which is the iPhone’s cable entrance, and the return of Touch ID to unlock the screen with a fingerprint, instead of Face ID (face recognition).

In addition, the new iPhone should always be on, that is, a display with information at all times, cameras with a high level of detail and the inclusion of LiDAR technology for all iPhone models, not just Pro models.

If Apple maintains its traditional release schedule, the iPhone 13 line is expected to be announced in September.